Employee’s Performance: INTRODUCTION(2)

To reduce the potential of its reappearance in future it’s imperative to understand and implement effective conflict resolution strategies in order to eliminate its underlying causes. Because if the conflict is left fester it may cause low work efficiencies, low productivity, inferior product quality and consequently fewer profits (Michael, 2011). Although conflict cannot necessarily be resolved absolutely but the application of effective conflict management skills can minimize the odds of non productive outcomes of conflicts in the organizations.

Textile sector is one of the key industries in Pakistan. It is the most vital sector of the country’s economy. It contributes 46% share in total manufacturing sector, 66% in total exports and 38% in the value added production of manufacturing sector. It share about 9% in country’s GDP and has 40% share of jobs in manufacturing industry. Knitwear sector is one of the key growing subsectors within the textile value chain of the country. This sector utilizes the major part of the workforce of the textile industry. This sector has major part in higher growth rate of national exports.