Structural Make up Model of Conflict

Stojkovic, Kalinich and Klofas (2003) in their researches exemplify the structural makeup of an organization. They suggest that there exist four types of intra-organizational conflicts.

1. Vertical conflicts could appear at workplace when a supervisor tells his subordinate what to do and tries to micromanage instead of allowing him to perform his job with freedom. This type of conflict includes two hierarchical levels; employee and her immediate boss also such kind of conflict exists in organizations having structures with high degree of formality.

2. Horizontal conflicts are the types of conflicts that take place between employees within the same unit and on the same hierarchical level. Horizontal conflicts can appear for many reasons, e.g. ideas, decisions or disagreement among individuals over distribution of resources.

3. Line Staff conflicts take place between support staff and actual unit staff within a department.

4. The Role conflicts arise due to false understanding of the task assigned to an employeeThomas (2012) suggests structural model of intra-organizational, which is based on four variables. These are as following; behavioral predispositions, social pressures, incentive structures and rules..