Employee’s Performance: DYNAMICS OF CONFLICT


In order to define the dynamics of development of conflict, different researchers adopted different classifications. The common concept among all of them is that conflict passes through a chain of phases. It starts from Beginning of Conflict, Development, and End with dissimilar intensity scale. Brahm (2003) defines seven phases of conflict dynamic in his research.

Latent conflict appears whenever individuals, groups, or organizations have differences.

At emergence stage conflict starts being observed. Once the sum of differences or annoyances keeps on developing, a disagreement explodes ultimately. The latent conflict is the kind of conflict that may have inactive existence.

Escalation refers to increasing intensity of the conflict and consequently increases in the severity of applied strategies. Conflict tends to involve more people and other related problems at escalation stage. At this stage parties start using their powers and resources to raise their pressures and to impose unkind permits.

Deadlock or Stalemate stage appears when conflict escalates. In this stage parties recognize that they cannot be successful or get everything they want, yet they do not want to go on back foot. Parties begin to run without resources and tactics.

De-Escalation is the stage when eventually conflicts begin coming down and changes shape. The involved parties start changing their view points and stances which is because of external forces changing in perspectives or with time. Parties begin realizing that their goals are dubious and start changing them for realistic solutions.

At Resolution stage parties begin to look for resolution of their problems. At this stage grievances are usually reduced. Both parties begin to look for substitutes to resolve their conflicts. Finally the acceptable resolutions are established among the parties.

At Collaborative Action stage the parties begin to work together to implement the resolution strategies and at level parties begin to work together to implement the resolution and begin to strengthen their understanding, communication & relationship with each other.