Employee’s Performance: INTRODUCTION(4)

The conflict has equally positive and negative effects. It is positive when it encourages novelty for example new considerations on o1d conditions, the elucidation of view points, and the management of human capabilities to handle the interpersonal differences. Conflict could be negative when it provokes resistance to change, develops havoc in organization or interpersonal relations foster disbelieves, creates a feeling of overpower, or widens the gulf of misunderstanding (Robbins, 2005).

Conflict is an existing disagreement in a social situation that emerges when the individual interests, goals, or values of different groups or individuals are unable to get along (Litterer, 1996). Psychologists define conflict in a way that it’s difference between minds whereas sociologists define conflict as differences of interests between the people or groups. In context of these definitions conflict definition can be referred as it’s a phenomenon that appears when there are two or more opposing responses to a single event” (Cummings, Long, and Lewis 1987). We can define Conflict briefly as a process when one party takes other party has affecting it negatively or trying to affect it negatively about something that it that is important for it (Dunnette and Hough, 1992).