Employee’s Performance: BI-VARIATE ANALYSIS(2)


While Gamma value shows a negative relationship between the variables. It means that there exists negative relationship between the opinion about the training & development and employees’ conflict, but chi-square test shows that the results obtained were insignificant. So the hypothesis “Higher the training and development, lower will be the employees’ conflict level” is rejected. Pondy, L.R. (1967) in a research concluded that inappropriate training and development activities in organization may provoke task related ambiguities resulting in conflict and vice versa. The data obtained in our research indicates non existence of such situation.

Hypothesis 2: Higher the Training and Development, Lower will be the Employee’s Conflict Level Table 7: Association between Respondents’ Opinion about the Training and Development and Employees Conflict

Hypothesis 3: Lower the Communication, Higher Will be the Employees’ Conflict Level

Table 8: Association between Respondents’ Opinion about the Communication and Employees Conflict
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Table 8 presents the association between respondents opinion about communication and employees conflict. Chi-square value (10.20) shows a significant association between respondents’ opinion about communication and employees’ conflict. Gamma value shows a strong negative relationship between the variables. It means if the respondents have low opinion about the communication then their thinking about the employees’ conflict is high.