Employee’s Performance: DATA ANALYSIS(5)

A major proportion i.e., 44.3 percent of respondents were agreed with the statement “The planning department defines targets well on time to all departments”. About 11.3 percent of the respondents were strongly agreed and a major proportion i.e., 43.3 percent of them was agreed with the statement “Two different managers give you instructions about your task”.

Hypothesis 1: Higher the Recruitment and Selection, Lower will be the Employees’ Conflict Level

Table 5: Association between Respondents Opinion about Recruitment & Selection and Employees Conflict
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Table 5 presents the association between respondents opinion about recruitment and selection and employees conflict. Chi-square (9.72) shows a significant association between respondents’ opinion about recruitment & selection with employees’ conflict. Gamma value shows a strong negative relationship between the variables. It means that if the respondents have high opinion about the recruitment and selection then their thinking the employees’ conflict is low. Above table also shows that those respondents who have low opinion about recruitment and selection have medium (56.5%) and high (34.8%) level about employees’ conflict. On the other hand if the respondents have high level opinion about recruitment and selection then respondents have (37.8%) and medium (48.6%) level opinion about employees’ conflict. So the hypothesis “Higher the recruitment and selection, lower will be the employees’ conflict level” is accepted. Jones et al. (2002) in their research revealed that high performance HR work practices include comprehensive employee recruitment and selection procedures that result in organization’s effectiveness.