Methods and Materials

Methodology is an essential part of any research study as it provides a guideline to future researchers to evaluate any study to verify its results. Data was collected from various knitwear industries located in Faisalabad district. These knitwear industries were selected on part of their production volume levels from high, medium to low so that a representative sample of the industry could be collected. Sample of 117 respondents was gathered by using probability sampling method. Because many of the characteristics of population are on average same, hence the Systematic Random Sampling Technique was adopted for the data collection was found as the best available sampling method.

Due to homogeneity of population, Simple Random Sampling method was used but to get varied information the process was gone through the systematic manner. Systematic sampling consists of selecting every k* sampling unit after the first sampling unit is selected at random from the first k sampling units (Nachmias and Nachmias, 1992). A well structured comprehensive questionnaire was established to collect data from respondents in hosiery industry. Questionnaire is a carefully formulated document to collect data from large, diverse and widely scattered group of people (Alam, 2002). Pretesting was done on 10 respondents. Necessary modification and changes were made in order to have required information. Quantitative data was analyzed by using SPSS Statistical Package for Social Sciences. Descriptive statistical analysis that included means, frequencies, percentages and standard deviations were used to analyze and describe different variables. Crobatch alpha, P Value, Chi Square and Gamma tests were also applied to find out the relationship and degree of association between dependent and independent variables.