Conflict Handling Strategies

Collaborating is a win win solution of issues that makes both parties contented. Teamwork and cooperation helps people achieve their goals while also maintaining relationships. The process that goes through differences leads to creative solutions that will satisfy both parties’ concerns. Avoiding is unassertive and uncooperative strategy i.e. no winners, no losers. The strategic philosophy of avoiding conflict includes withdrawing, sidestepping, or postponing. This is adopted when the conflicts level is small and relationships are suspected at stake. This strategy has demerit, as party adopting this behavior expects the same from other in future, which could further worsen the situation.

Accommodating is the third strategy that is unassertive and cooperative strategy of conflict resolution. The strategy is applied to when stakeholders are working towards a common purpose or when confrontations may damage the fragile relationships. The strategic philosophy of this tool is to please others by avoiding conflict, thus protecting the relationship. The strategy is used when an issue is not much important or when one party realizes that it’s wrong and is willing to let others learn by mistake or it knows that it cannot win. Compromising is mid-range strategy on both assertiveness and cooperativeness. There is variation among different people in choosing kind of behavior in conflict situation in different contexts.

Conceptual Framework
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