4. At the stage IV which is the behavior stage of the conflict process, conflict appears prominently and focuses on conflict situation. This behavior stage includes the actions, statements, and reactions made by the parties in conflict (Thomas 1992). These conflict behaviors are apparent, serious and clear efforts of each party to implement own intentions of each party. So behaviors of one party and reaction of other come on surface.

5. Finally at stage V the rifts results among parties as consequences. The outcomes appearing at stage v may be functional which would result in an improvement in the group’s performance, or if it appears as dysfunctional it will hinders group performance.

The Effects of Unresolved Conflicts in Organization

Dana and Daniel (1999) categorize effects of conflict in organization in terms of its severity in three levels. At the first order level affects, consequences are readily determined as a result of a particular conflict situation, and can be observed fairly quantifiable. For example, lost of revenue on part of missed deadlines, late deliveries, high employee turnover that costs, termination costs, employees recruitment, higher expenditures resulting due to quality problems like restocking, plenty orders from customer, product reworking costs, etc.