Robotics in Apparel Manufacturing & Technology

(I) Recent Development in the Robotic Stitching Technology

The stitching of several textile partial structures whose fiber alignment is optimized according to the stress lines in the non-impregnated state is gaining increasingly attraction in the composite industry. An additional essential part of this strategy is the direct reinforcement of the FRP components for the improvement of their mechanical characteristics by inserting reinforcement of fibers in Z-direction. Although stitching as a technology for connecting two or several individual textile parts together has been well known for a long time, the previously known stitching techniques are not efficient or cannot be applied in the majority of the cases, mostly due to the large dimensions and the threedimensional structure of the FRP components.

To overcome stitching technique limitations the ALTIN Nahtechnik has developed a technology where stitching heads, which have been especially designed for the processing of FRP performs, are continuously carried along the seam line of a resting work piece by a robot. During stitching the work piece is fastened onto special fixation devices.