Characteristics of Tactile Sensor

Mode Points to the direction of sensor response relative to the touch surface. Basic modes are normal and shear. Further meaning of mode establishes whether the response is Primary or Gray Scale. Some sensors measure the combined effects of all the forces and torques imposed on the touch surface. Information is delivered in terms of force and moment components related to the six degrees of freedom for a particular coordinate system. Such sensors can be called as Force- Torque Sensor or a Vector Sensor.

Resolution relates to several aspects of the sensor.

I. First is the spatial resolution
II. Second is at the individual site and
III. The Third is in the time domain

The total range depends upon the dimensions and configuration of the touch surface as well as the performance of the control and interface electronics.

 Tactile Sensor Styles

The tactile sensor styles are determined by the manner in which the sensor is used and also by the sensitive fields. There are several general classes of style –

1. Gripper mounted
2. Work surface mounted
3. Large field and Small field

The large field and small field designations are two subclasses that would fit either within the gripper or work surface mounted styles. Large field sensors are likely to be work- surface mounted.