Components of a Robot System

It can be explained either from a physical point of view or from system point of view. It is important to note that the same physical component may perform many different information processing operations. Likewise, two physically separate components may perform identical information operations.

(a) Actuator – A robot system contains six actuators. Since six are required for full control of position and orientation.
(b) Sensor- To give information regarding the position and possibility, the velocity of the actuator, to control on it.
(c) Computation Objects- It requires a micro-computer to perform work place analysis, servo, kinematics and dynamic operations. In addition it should perform supervisory operations such as path planning and operator interaction.

Tactile Sensing of Robots

Touch information is obtained through physical contact of the sensor with a target object. The sensor includes all the major components of a tactile sensor system.

They are-

1. Touch Surface
2. Transduction medium
3. Structure
4. Control / Interface.