Anti Thrombocyte globulins extracted from various precipitation reagents using SDS PAGE showed that the standards and markers at 52 KD are similar (Figure 1). The standards at 31 KD are similar. Extracts of poly ethylene glycol, Ammonium sulphate are similar between 52 KD and 98 KD. Molecular weight markers have got similarity with ATG standard

Fig1Role Of Atg Polyclonal_decrypted

Figure 1 : SDS PAGE

Figure 2 has provided positive (+ Ve) result, showing yellow coloured appearance in the polystyrene plate using ELISA.

Fig2Role Of Atg Polyclonal_decrypted
Figure 2 : ELISA


The result of the present experiment has provided evidence in presence of polyclonal antibodies prepared against T-Cell suspension antigen. The result has qualitatively supports the work in quantitative isolation of polyclonal ATG from the rabbit precipitation agent. The precipitation agents such as Polyethylene glycol and ammonium sulphate are been used for this purpose. Hence Thymocytes has shown positive results with ATG polyclonal antibodies against T cell suspension antigens using SDS PAGE and ELISA.


The author would like to thank GITAM Institute of Science, GITAM University for providing lab facility and access to e-journals to carry out this research..