Avoid shaking the gel or the water to prevent the gel from breaking. Slowly remove the gel plate from the water and place it on an inverted 50ml beaker. Put a few drops of water on top of the gel. Take a whatman filter paper and wet it with water. Slowly place the whatman filter paper on top of the gel. Avoid any air bubbles in between the gelatin paper and the glass plate, gelatin paper and the gel and between the whatman filter paper and the gel.

Place the slide on filter paper and dry it in the incubator overnight at 370C. All the remaining salts and proteins will be diffuse by capillary action.

Next day place the dried gel plate directly in the phosphate buffer saline with acrylamide for 6 hours. This will further remove the salts and proteins from the gel. After 6 hrs remove the gel plate and place it in coomassie blue stain. Stain for 10 minutes and remove the gel plate and transfer after decaying into a tray background gets cleared. Change the destaining fixative regularly. Finally place the gel slide and wash off the fixative for 15 minutes. Decant the d/w from the slide and place it over filter papers for drying at room temperature, overnight. Now the gel slide id ready and the bands can be seen.