The LCD of the unit is STN (Super Twisted Nematic) Gray , Transflective type.Low power consumption with the dot-matrix LCD panel and CMOS LSI.Built-in backlight LED with high luminance and stable radiation.Thin, lightweight design permits easy installation in a variety of equipment. Allowing for being connected at general-purpose CMOS signal level, the unit can be easily interfaced to a microprocessor with common 4-bit and 8-bit parallel inputs and outputs.Multiplexing driving : 1/16duty, 1/4bias, 6 o’clock.Built-in character generator ROM and RAM, and display data RAM:Character generator ROM 225 different 5 x 7 dot-matrix character patterns (Alphanumeric and symbols) Character generator RAM 8 different user programmed 5 x 7 dotmatrix patterns

Display data RAM 80 x 8 bits

Numerous instructions Display clear, Cursor home, Display ON/OFF, Cursor ON/OFF, Blink character, Cursor shift, Display shift The unit operates from a single 5 V power supply Liquid crystal panel service life 100,000 hours minimum at 25 oC -10 oC. 3.3 definition of panel service life Contrast becomes 30% of initial value Current consumption becomes three times higher than initial value Remarkable alignment deterioration occurs in LCK cell layer. Unusual operation occurs in display functions


If the LCD panel breaks, be careful not to get the liquid crystal in your mouth. If the liquid crystal touches your skin or clothes, wash it off immediately using soap and plenty of water.