The project presented here is a novel approach towards vehicle navigation & safety implementation. As the title suggests, the project is aimed at automatically sensing the areas / zones like “School Zone”, “Hospital zone” or “Accident Zone”.

In convention, these special zones or areas are indicated at the roadside on a pillar or road sign poles.

As an example, near school zone, the sign board displays “School Zone Ahead, Drive Slowly”, or near a hospital, “Hospital Area-Do not Blow Horn”, but in reality rarely this is practices. Drivers go at very high speed as usual near school zone, or operate the harsh horns loudly causing inconvenience to the patients in the hospital.

Even though these are meant for the safety of the vehicles travelling and also for the general public, it is hardly practices by the vehicle drivers. As a result, making the whole concept of displaying warning sign and messages on the roadside boards meaningless.

To provide a better alternative, one can develop a system which will automatically sense such traffic signs automatically and accordingly inform the drives and also assist him in controlling the vehicle voluntarily or forcibly. All in all resulting in a very effective and fail proof system to provide traffic regulation, safety and convenience of the people.

As the whole project not just limited for these few functions, this project can be made mandatory. That way one can provide a more reliable security device and streamline traffic flow. Few additional features which can be integrated with this system are, “Down Hill Detection”, “Auto-Breaking with Obstacle detection” “auto Speed limit Sensor” etc.

As the design of this system goes, the project proposed here consists of a set of units

1) Zone / Area Unit
2) Vehicle Unit