• Avoid static electricity as this can damage the CMOS LSI.
• The LCD panel is plate glass; do not hit or crush it.
• Do not remove the panel or frame from the module.

The polarizing plate of the display is very fragile; handle it very carefully; Mounting and Design; Mount the module by using the specified mounting part ; and holes.

To protect the module from external pressure, leave a small gap by placing transparent plates (e.g. acrylic or glass) on the display surface, frame, and polarizing plate Design the system so that no input signal is given unless the power-supply voltage is applied.

Keep the module dry. Avoid condensation; otherwise the transparent electrodes may break.


Store the module in a dark place, where the temperature is 25 oC – 10 oC and the humidity below 65% RH.. Do not store the module near organic solvents or corrosive gases. Do not crush, shake, or jolt the module (including accessories).


The project is used to secure and avoid the road accidents.It can be used as part for automation of s or Public Transportation.This system is used to trace the culprit vehicles by police persons.This project can also be used by Cargo Companies to intimate their on-road vehicles about the next delivery spot or assignment.This system can be used to ‘time keeping’ purpose in public transportation, such as departure & arrival timings, number of rotations each vehicle turned etc.This application is very useful on any kind of vehicle.This application is easy to install and easy to operate.Manpower can be saved by implementing auto detecting circuits.More reliable than manual Operation.