OBSTRONICS SYSTEM: Future Developments

Future Developments

The following modifications can be made to the present circuit, which leads to still smarter project.

Present Project can handle only two vehicles, which want to pass the one after the other, or one-by-one. This will not happen in actual case. The two track road allows two vehicles at a time, and this complicates the working of the Vehicle Detection Stage. One can enhance the vehicle detection stage to detect any number of vehicles at a time. The ID of vehicles can be made more sophisticated and secured by implementing Microcontroller/PC technology.

This system can also be used as advanced Global Positioning System or as an advanced system for Automation and Vehicle Tracking.

This project can be efficiently used in ‘Vehicle Tracking & Automation’ with further improvements. Such as, the vehicle owner can pay the ‘toll fee’ through his credit card by mentioning so in his application form. Hence forth, whenever he come across such ‘’s, the System detects the vehicle and charge the fee to his credit card, and allows him to pass the gate without even interrupting him. That makes the owner to feel-free and saves his time & energy.

This project is open for developments from all sides. It is the users’ imagination which limits the working of this project. One can go on adding the extra, rich features to this project.